Knee Pain

Instep Podiatry has extensive history in treating knee pain and injury caused from sporting injuries and other lifestyle elements.

Knee injuries and pain are often the result of degenerative conditions, lifestyle factors, sporting injuries and even genetics. The knee is an extremely complex structure, and is one of the most crucial joints in our body to facilitate mobility. Knee injuries and pain, however short or long they may last, can decrease mobility which leads to a negative impact on our quality of life.
Our trained podiatrists at Blackwood St, Mitchelton and St Paul’s Tce, Fortitude Valley, can accurately diagnose a range of knee injuries and knee pain. We will undertake a full footwear assessment and biomechanical analysis to prescribe you the right treatment for your individual situation.

Knee injuries and pain can be caused by:

  • Over-exertion:
    Placing too much pressure on the knee joint, including patella (knee cap), ligaments, muscles and tendons during physical activity can result in knee pain and injury. This can happen when you land awkwardly after a jump, run on uneven ground for an extended amount of time, or are changing directions in quick succession.
  • Misaligned, flat or tired feet:
    Having misaligned, flat or tired feet rapidly promotes the chances of falling or landing incorrectly after jumping or during running, walking and other physical activities.
  • Unequal leg length:
    Having unequal leg length doesn’t necessarily mean that one leg is drastically shorter or longer than the other. It could be as simple as a 0.5cm difference on a particular area of the foot or ankle. Such a small difference can have a massive impact on the pressure exerted on one or both of the knee joints, often resulting in prolonged knee injuries and pain.
  • Posture and Gait:
    Posture and gait (walking/running style) are closely related and can heavily influence other areas of the body. Even the most minor abnormalities in posture and gait can result in increased stress on the knee joints and other areas of the body.

All of the above conditions can be experienced by anyone, but are typically more common in athletes, recreational exercisers, overweight people or people who are on their feet for prolonged periods of time. Instep Podiatry can accurately diagnose and treat the cause of your knee injuries and pain. We will undertake a footwear assessment and biomechanical analysis to prescribe the right treatment for your individual situation.

Consult with Instep Podiatry to see how we can alleviate your knee pain and help you recover from your injury.
If you regularly suffer from knee pain, talk to Instep Podiatry today to see how we can help you, contact us for a consultation.

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