Closure of our Mitchelton Clinic

After 20 years operating two clinic locations, Mitchelton and Fortitude Valley, we have made the incredibly difficult decision to consolidate our clinics and operate from Fortitude Valley only.

Please see below for more information about the closure of our Mitchelton clinic, where our Podiatrists will be working and other frequently asked questions.

Last updated: 03 March 2023

When will Instep’s Mitchelton Clinic close? 

Our last day at our Mitchelton practice will be Monday, 13th March 2023.
Please note: this does not affect our Fortitude Valley clinic. 

Why is Mitchelton closing? 

After 20 years in Blackwood Street, Mitchelton our team’s personal needs have changed and evolved over time. Family and personal commitments mean that we can no longer offer the opening hours and administrative support required to make Mitchelton the clinic experience it has been over the years. For this reason, we have decided to focus on our Fortitude Valley clinic where we have much greater administrative support via serviced rooms at the Health Hub.

What about my upcoming appointment? 

If you have an appointment before our closure date, it will go ahead as scheduled unless you inform us that you wish to cancel. Unfortunately, if you have an appointment scheduled after this date, your appointment will not go ahead. We are in the process of trying to get in touch with everyone affected, if you haven’t already heard from us please feel free to contact us, especially if your contact details have changed since we last updated your details.

Are Craig and Matthew still working at Instep? Can I still see them for my Podiatry care? 

Yes, Craig and Matthew will still be working with Instep however, they will only be working from our Fortitude Valley clinic. You can  continue seeing them at our Fortitude Valley location for your Podiatry care however, there will be some differences in some of our policies (e.g. billing, referrals etc).

What are my options for ongoing podiatry care?

There are several options available, and you will need to make any necessary enquiries (e.g. wait times, fees, referral policies) to consider the best option for you.
  1. Continue seeing Matthew or Craig at our Fortitude Valley location: your clinical notes can easily be transferred to the new location from within in our practice management system, allowing your foot care to continue with your preferred podiatrist. Please note: current Medicare & DVA referrals will not be valid at the new location and we are unable to accept new referrals at that location. 
  2. Attend a new podiatry practice: If Fortitude Valley isn’t an option for you, other podiatrists in Mitchelton and surrounding areas include (listed in no particular order and without any specific recommendation):
    1. My FootDr – Brookside Shopping Centre
      Phone: 07 3355 3509
    2. Podiatry Beyond (Mitchelton)
      Phone: 0456 142 518
    3. Dynamic Podiatry (Ferny Hills)
      Phone: 07 3351 8878
    4. Advance Foot Clinic (Arana Hills)
      Phone: 07 3351 5888
    5. Owner Health (Home Visit Directory)
      Phone: 1300 343 586
    6. Various Home Visit Clinics 
      You can use this website to search for contacts

The Australian Podiatry Association also maintains a “find a podiatrist” directory that may be useful in locating a podiatrist near you. Your GP is also a good resource for recommendations, especially for those requiring specific treatments or more complex care. 

We recommend that you make contact with your preferred option as soon as possible to enquire about
appointment availability and fees in case the new practice has waiting times. Some of you will also
need to organise new GP referrals and there may be waiting times for your GP.

I have a Medicare Chronic Disease (formerly EPC) Referral or DVA Referral? What happens to this referral? 

Unfortunately, Medicare and DVA referrals for our Mitchelton clinic will not be valid at any other podiatry practice – this includes our Fortitude Valley clinic. Please note: that we are unable to accept new referrals at our Fortitude Valley location.
We are in the process of notifying GPs in the local area and closing any referrals we have open at our practice. However, if you are currently receiving services under one of these schemes, we would encourage you to contact your GP as soon as possible to arrange a new referral to a new podiatrist to avoid delays in your ongoing care. Your care plans may need to be updated and this can take some time for your GP to arrange. 

I was a WorkCover patient at Mitchelton? 

If you are a previous WorkCover patient with an open case, please contact us to discuss your situation as our our Fortitude Valley clinic is not set up to process WorkCover claims.

What will happen to my clinical information? 

Your clinical notes will remain securely archived on Instep’s practice management database since we haven’t sold the practice. These records will be retained in accordance with record keeping obligations. 
If you continue your care with Instep at our Fortitude Valley clinic, your Mitchelton record will still be archived to meet record keeping obligations but key details can be transferred to our Fortitude Valley clinic practice database to allow for the continuation of your care. 

I’m going to a new clinic, do I need to transfer my record to my new podiatrist? 

You don’t need to transfer your whole record to your new podiatrist since they will need to do their own assessment and treatment planning with you and this will influence the treatment they provide. However, if your podiatrist does require more information about your previous treatment, you can submit a written request, giving us permission to release this information.

I have more questions about the closure or questions that haven’t been answered here….

If you have further questions, you can still contact us. We will be keeping our Mitchelton phone lines open temporarily while we make the transition to a single clinic practice. Eventually, you will need to contact us via our Fortitude Valley clinic for all enquiries but until then:

*As we will be working remotely, it might take us longer than usual to get back to you but please know that we are doing everything we can to make this change as easy as possible.

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