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Instep Podiatry is a successful Brisbane sports medicine and podiatry clinic with Queensland’s leading podiatrists.

At Instep Podiatry, we focus all of our podiatry services and treatment options around providing the highest level of patient care. Our Brisbane podiatrists offer a wide range of podiatry services to adults, children, and sports people. Instep Podiatry is led by our head podiatrist Craig Hodson-Cornford, who has over 30 years of experience in the industry.

At Instep Podiatry, we treat more than just feet. We provide effective treatment option for a range of foot related lower limb problems. Many of our patients visit us to relieve long-term joint pains or ongoing sports related injuries due to incorrect foot function.

Our podiatry services range from (but are not limited to):

In addition to providing high quality pain management solutions and podiatry treatments, Instep Podiatry focuses on helping the public uphold higher levels of health and well-being through education. Throughout our Brisbane podiatrists’ years of practice, we have found that most foot pains and foot conditions could have been treated and prevented from an early age. A general lack of understanding about proper foot care amongst the greater public has been a contributing factor to developing chronic feet pain and associated joint pain. Instep aims to curb this lack of understanding to provide a better quality of life for all of those involved with our Brisbane podiatry services.

Instep Podiatry has two clinics across Brisbane with a team of experienced podiatrists.

We have two clinics conveniently located across Brisbane. Our headquarters are located at Mitchelton with free onsite parking directly outside the clinic.  We also have an inner city location in TUH at St. Pauls Terrace, Fortitude Valley with offroad parking accessible from Baxter street.

Contact Instep today to book a consultation with one of our Brisbane podiatrists.

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