Biomechanics & Postural Assessment

Our Brisbane podiatrists can undertake full biomechanical assessment / posture analysis and provide you with the right podiatry solutions for your problem.

A biomechanical assessment involves professionally assessing and noting the different motions of the foot, ankle, leg and lower back to determine whether they are functioning and moving correctly together. Posture analysis assesses these movements while standing, walking and running. Watching carefully as a person walks / runs can give invaluable information as to where problems may occur. At Instep, our Brisbane podiatrists are fully equipped to give you a comprehensive biomechanical assessment and posture analysis. Through conducting these, we are able to accurately recommend corrective treatments and exercises if necessary to have you walking and running the way you should be – pain free.

A biomechanical assessment and posture analysis is perfect for anyone who is experiencing muscle or joint pain in the lower half of their body. A footwear assessment is also highly recommended and is usually undertaken as part of this process. From here we are able to formulate a podiatry plan to have you back on track and free of pain as soon as possible. If you are experiencing pain in the lower limbs or back, this assessment and analysis is usually the first step to eliminating that pain.

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