Q. What does an Instep Podiatry Brisbane podiatrist do?
A. A podiatrist treats, gives advice and manages all lower limb and foot conditions as well as other foot related musculoskeletal conditions. At Instep Podiatry, we have a full range of podiatry services for our patients. We do biomechanical assessments / gait analysis, footwear assessments, kids podiatry, orthotics, general podiatry and the treatment of sports injuries.

Q. What training or qualifications do podiatrists have?
A. Instep Podiatry Brisbane’s podiatrists are university qualified podiatrists. At Instep Podiatry Brisbane, our podiatrists are registered with the Podiatry Board of Australia and regularly attend conferences and continuing education seminars to keep up to date with current research and treatment trends.

Q. I have a muscle / sports injury. Can a podiatrist help me?
A. Certainly, podiatry has a very wide scope of practice. Any foot, ankle, lower leg or ongoing musculo-skeletal problem can benefit from podiatry services. At Instep Podiatry we frequently treat a number of athletes in a wide range of sports, from professionals all the way down to recreational exercises. If you have experienced a sports injury of the lower limb or joints, come in to Instep Podiatry today.

Q. Do I need a referral to see a podiatrist?
A. You do not need a referral from a medical professional to see a podiatrist. Many patients first learn of podiatry and related services after referral from their doctor and this is perhaps where this misconception was born. Many of our patients and athletes come straight to Instep Podiatry without consulting their doctor first. We welcome anyone with a foot or lower limb complaint, joint or foot related musculoskeletal pain to contact us for a consultation with one of our professionals.

Important note about referrals at our Fortitude Valley clinic: From 1 January 2021, we will no longer be accepting referrals for third-party funding arrangements such as Medicare and Department of Veterans’ Affairs. These changes do not affect our Mitchelton clinic. 

Q. How often do I need to visit a podiatrist?
A. This depends on your individual condition. Footwear related problems are most often fixed with treatment with a footwear assessment, orthotics, or related treatment. Reoccurring problems due to genetic factors, lifestyle or sports injury may require ongoing care. If you are experiencing pain anywhere in the lower half of your body, contact us to arrange an appointment with one of our friendly Brisbane podiatrists today.

Q. Does my Medicare cover podiatry?
A. Not usually, Medicare only covers chronic conditions. However when you’re making an appointment, if you have a referral from your doctor for Medicare covering chronic conditions, please inform the receptionist when you call; or see your doctor for more information about eligibility.

Important note: From 1 January 2021, we will no longer accept Medicare (EPC) referrals at our Fortitude Valley location. This change does not affect our Mitchelton practice. 

Q. Will my health fund cover some of the cost?
A. If you are in the top bracket of almost any health fund, you should be covered. All health funds differ in their level of cover and what is covered under their policies. It is always best to check with your health fund in regard to your individual policy.

Q. Do you have HICAPS / What is HICAPS?
A. HICAPS is available at Instep Podiatry. It is an electronic claiming service that provides members of participating health funds the convenience of electronic claims processing and payments at the point of service. This means you do not have to visit your health fund with an invoice to claim back your ‘gap’ or cover. Most Australian health funds participate in HICAPS.

Q. Are you registered with NDIS? 
A. No, our practice is not registered with NDIS.

Q. Do you offer home visits? 
A. Unfortunately we are unable to provide home visits at this time.

Q. What should I bring to my first appointment?
A. You should bring any paperwork such as written referrals, any relevant investigations such as x-rays, ultrasounds or MRI and associated reports. If you are coming in for biomechanical assessment, postural analysis or a sporting injury, you should also wear appropriate clothes such as shorts or at the very least trousers, and bring running shoes, work footwear, and any footwear that is worn on a regular basis.

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