Lower back pain

Lower back pain can be detrimental to your quality of life and can quickly escalate to become a major issue if not addressed with timely and correct diagnosis and treatment.

Lower back pain can stem from a number of different contributing factors. This is because of the lower back’s position in relation to other points of the body. It is a focal point of core strength and pressure, linking the lower half of body and associated movements with that of the upper body.

Diagnosis of the cause of lower back pains can often be a complicated process for medical professionals. While the pain may be experienced in the area, the source of the problem can often be relatively far away in the body – sometimes coming all the way up from the feet.

Our experienced team at Instep Podiatry  understand the detrimental effect lower back pains can have on our patients. We have an extensive history in identifying and treating any foot problems responsible for lower back pains. Contact Instep Podiatry today to take the first step in alleviating those annoying lower back pains.

Lower back pains are most often caused by:

  • Incorrect gait / posture:

Posture and gait (walking/running style) are closely related and can heavily influence other areas of the body. Even the most minor abnormalities in posture and gait can result in increased stress on the lower back and other areas of the body.

Sitting/lying down in particular positions for a prolonged period of time can result in lower back muscle strains resulting in pain. People in industries that require them to be on their feet for extended periods of time or repeated actions in manual labour are also at high risk.

An example can be seen in a tradesman that has an incorrect lifting technique (lifts with the back instead of the legs) or a factory line worker who continually favours one leg as they sort items out.


Instep Podiatry is able to diagnose any lower limb problems causing lower back pains through our footwear assessment and biomechanical analysis. We assess the suitability of footwear for your individual situation and critically analyse your posture and movements while you stand, walk, run to identify the cause of your lower back pains. Through this analysis we are able to accurately diagnose the lower limb cause and prescribe the right treatment to alleviate your back pains.

Consult with Instep Podiatry at one of three convenient locations today to see what solutions we can provide to rid you of your lower back pains.

If you regularly suffer from lower back pain, talk to Instep Podiatry today to see how we can help you, contact us for a consultation.

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