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Instep’s Brisbane podiatrists have extensive history and experience in providing children’s podiatry solutions.

Children’s feet are very complex structures and their correct development is very important in providing them with the best possible physical movement when they are young and for later on in life. Many children experience common problems such as growing pains, dislikes walking and wants to be picked up often when shopping, rejects wearing shoes, gait abnormalities, falling over more than their peers, flat feet and pigeon toes. Some conditions in children will correct as they age, and some conditions will appear at certain stages of their development. Heel pain for example occurring in the growth plate will present in the age group 9-14 and is made worse with activity and is common in sports such as soccer.

If your child experiences these ailments and you are concerned about the way your child walks it is important you see a podiatrist for assessment. Assessment will include looking at hip movement patterns, lower leg rotations and muscle tightness if present. Our podiatrists are fully experienced and equipped to handle anything from ingrown toenails and abnormally shaped toes to bunions, limping and other ailments of the feet in your child. Treatment can include stretching, strengthening, taping, padding or orthotics to improve function to relieve pain or enhance gait and walking.

Instep Podiatry can offer orthopedic solutions such as orthotics to improve your child’s gait and posture.

Flat Feet

If your child has unusually flat feet, feet that turn inwards or outwards, or incorrect gait and spine alignment, our orthopedic solutions and orthotics are the answer to their problem.

At birth and into early childhood, a baby’s foot will generally look flat with no medial arch because the arch is filled in with fat and there is a lack of muscle development to produce an arch. As a child begins to walk the muscles develop and an arch can start to form.

Flat feet in children that do not have symptoms might not need major intervention, but might benefit from a small amount of arch support from supportive shoes. If however the child with a flat foot has pain or falls over more than other children, then assessment is indicated. However a foot in a young child where another bone pokes to the inside under the ankle bone giving the appearance of a “double” ankle will usually have no arch and be a flat foot. When combined with a heel bone that is tilted inwards when viewed from the back, this is a cause of concern and the foot that should definitely be assessed.

If you believe your child has flat feet and you are concerned consult our podiatrists to see how our orthopedic solutions and orthotics can help.

Inwards-facing feet (pigeon toes):

Many toddlers walk ‘pigeon-toed’. This is usually while the child is still developing posture and balance and is usually resolved on its own over time. If you think that your child’s pigeon toeing is overly severe, particularly if your child trips over their pigeon-toed feet and seems to involve the leg and hip as well as the feet, or hasn’t improved in a two year period, you should consult our podiatrists for an assessment.
Your children’s feet, posture and gait are vital to their physical development. Craig and his team of experienced podiatrists have dealt extensively with children’s gait abnormalities and feet problems and continue to update their knowledge to offer the correct and most up to date orthopedic solutions and orthotics to your children.

To book in your child for a podiatry consultation, contact Instep Podiatry today.


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