Footwear Assessment

An Instep Brisbane podiatrist can give you a comprehensive footwear assessment and recommend individual footwear, orthopedic solutions and orthotics that are perfect for your situation.

In addition to our biomechanical assessment / posture analysis we also undertake a footwear assessment for our patients. When conducting our comprehensive footwear assessments there are many factors which we take into consideration. The style of shoe you wear and its intended use are two of the most critical factors we analyse during our footwear assessments. Wearing the correct footwear for your individual situation, whether it be work, sport or recreational use, is the first step and number one factor in reducing foot related injuries and maintaining good foot health. In particular, occupations in the manufacturing, health and community services, construction, retail and hospitality industries are at risk of foot injuries, pain and related problems.

If you work in these industries you should book in a footwear assessment with our Brisbane podiatrists. At Instep, our podiatrists are constantly updating their knowledge base of appropriate footwear for individual situations and we will be able to accurately recommend you the right footwear, orthotics, or orthopedic solutions for your individual situation. In particular Instep podiatrists are very conscious of the need to provide orthotics that fit many styles of footwear, and can offer orthotic solutions regardless of the style of shoe. Utilising orthotics and orthopedic techniques, we can reduce pain and promote correct foot movement, to work towards a better quality of life for our patients.

Contact Instep Podiatry today to organise your footwear assessment and get the right orthotics and orthopedic solutions for your needs.

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