Craig Hodson-Cornford.

With over 30 years of experience, Instep Podiatry Brisbane’s head podiatrist Craig Hodson-Cornford has developed a strong reputation in the South East Queensland community for providing results-focused podiatry solutions.

With a special interest in musculoskeletal podiatry, including sports medicine, Craig particularly enjoys treating those with chronic pain issues from sports injury and joint related conditions. Craig also consistently attends conferences and education seminars to remain up to date with the latest information and treatments in the industry. Being involved with Instep for the past seven years, he regularly receives recommendations from pleased clients and other health professionals, and has become well known in his industry as a leading provider of pain management and sport injury solutions.

Craig graduated from the Queensland Institute of Technology in 1982 and moved to Darwin to practice mainly in the private clinics with some public health work. Working on a wide variety of podiatry-related conditions, Craig gained a great deal of experience in diagnosing and treating foot problems of all types across all ages. He treated elite athletes with sport injuries from the Northern Territory Institute of Sport as well as elite athletes in various sports including our national Hockey teams, AFL and athletics. Craig was also the podiatrist for the Department of Defence, Army, Navy and Airforce for 18 years.

Craig alternates between our Mitchelton and Fortitude Valley clinics. To make an appointment, contact the clinic that is most suitable for you.


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